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Kansas Discipline Incident System (KAN-DIS)

The Kansas Discipline Incident System (KAN-DIS) is an online web application that all accredited public schools use to provide information on individual discipline incidents. The application automatically generates IDEA student discipline data report as well as the ESEA Discipline Report based on the data submitted via KAN-DIS. The goals of KAN-DIS are: to provide a free, useful, KIDS-integrated web application that schools and districts can use to maintain information on a wide variety of discipline-related incidents; to ensure accurate and timely reporting of discipline incidents as required by Federal Special Education (IDEA) and Safe and Drug-Free School programs and; to lay the groundwork for research/analysis by districts regarding the relationship between discipline incidents and academic performance, special education status, demographic data, etc

Incident Reporting
Only the required incident data will be available to the State – all other data will be available only to the districts. Incidents will be entered into KAN-DIS in one of three (3) ways:

  • Via online individual discipline incident entry
  • Via batch upload of incidents from a school/district’s local discipline entry system to KAN-DIS
  • Via online summary data entry for ESEA Discipline reporting only (student level data must be provided for IDEA reporting)

Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI)

There are significant changes to the Emergency Safety Intervention Report for the 2015-16 school year. To help keep track of the data for your building, KSDE has prepared an Excel worksheet to assist you in collecting your data; you may choose to record your data in this Excel worksheet. When the Kan-Dis application opens (by December 1, 2015) you will then be able to transfer your data into the form in the Kan-Dis application. Spreadsheet to Collect Emergency Safety Intervention Data

Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI) Resources are located on the Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN) website.

KAN-DIS Documents

Authenticated Applications (KAN-DIS access)

Please note that the Kan-Dis application is currently shut down to make necessary changes to the application. We hope that it will be open by November 30. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Reporting Dates

NCLB/IDEA Tables are due June 30 of every year.  Please note that these tables cannot be completed until your building's  End of Year Accountability (EOYA) Report is uploaded in KIDS.

Emergency Safety Intervention (ESI) Reporting Periods
Reporting Period
Incident Date Range Begins
Incident Date Range Ends
Submission Window Opens
Submission Window Closes
(Submit incidents of ESI that occurred on or between 6/1/2015 and 11/30/2015.)
(Submit incidents of ESI that occurred on or between 12/01/2015 and 5/31/2016.)

KAN-DIS conference calls and Q & A sessions will be held for principals, superintendents, and other interested discipline staff at various time throughout the year. Conference call information will be announced via the KIDS listserv, Superintendents listserv, and other listservs (as appropriate).

KAN-DIS Final Report Webinar April 30, 2015

Training 2012 (Powerpoint) A KAN-DIS overview of the reporting system.
Final Reports 12-13 (Powerpoint) A KAN-DIS ESEA/IDEA Powerpoint training presentation for 2012-2013
Live Meeting Recording - 9/2012 (wmv) A KAN-DIS overview of the reporting system.

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Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI) 
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