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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act and Education Jobs Act

On February 17th, 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) into law. As part of the nation's economic recovery strategy, this bill includes at least $480 million for Kansas Schools.  As the President has noted, these funds provide us an unprecedented opportunity to boost the economy in the short run while increasing student achievement in the long-term.

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Kansas Plan For Phase II Requirements

General Information about the Recovery Act

The President has made it clear that every taxpayer dollar spent on our economic recovery must be subject to unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability.  He has identified five crucial objectives for Federal agencies, to ensure that:

  • Recovery funds are awarded and distributed in a prompt, fair, and reasonable manner;
  • The recipients and uses of all recovery funds are transparent to the public, and that the public benefits of these funds are reported clearly, accurately, and in a timely manner;
  • Recovery funds are used for authorized purposes and every step is taken to prevent instances of fraud, waste, error, and abuse;
  • Projects funded under the recovery legislation avoid unnecessary delays and cost overruns; and,
  • Programs meet specific goals and targets, and contribute to improved performance on broad economic indicators.

It is important to keep in mind that:

  • This is one-time money. Funding should be used for items that do not add new ongoing expenditures.
  • Most states are using this money to replace K-12 shortfalls (33 states have cut or proposed to cut funding to K-12 education).
  • A large portion of the education money is tied to existing federal grants and programs. Those dollars will be distributed to local school education agencies according the formulas set forth in those programs. The state will be required to track and report how those dollars are being spent.
  • The state is anticipating final guidance from the US Education Department. As information becomes available to us, we will work to update this webpage as quickly as possible.

Summary of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Guidance -

As you are aware, several summaries of the recently released guidance on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) have been prepared.  I wanted to share with you a concise version that was prepared by the Chief State School Officers.  It is my hope that the ARRA will provide us with the opportunity to make available to every district and school in Kansas with much needed financial resources for education—money to be USDE to save jobs, support schools and districts, and advance reforms and improvements that will create long-lasting results for our students. 

Any instances of potential fraud, waste, and abuse should be promptly reported to the OIG hotline at 1-800-MIS-USED or oig.hotline@ed.gov .
Moreover, recipients are reminded that significant new whistleblower protections are provided under section 1553 of the ARRA.

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