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December 20, 2013                                                                    785.368.6211,


Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge Winner Announced


Kansas remains undefeated, for the 6th year, recruiting more than 3,500 new mentors during the 2013 Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge!



TOPEKA, KS –December 20, 2013– Kansas’ mentoring efforts were celebrated this week as the state was announced the winner of the 2013 Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge, recruiting 3,729 new adult mentors for children across Kansas.


The Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge was borne out of the spirit of a college football neighborly state competition among Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota to promote and encourage residents of each state to become  mentors to youth,.  Over the last six years, more than 35,000 new mentors have been recruited as a result of the Coaches’ Challenge.


In this year’s Challenge, nearly 9,000 new mentors were recruited across the participating states helping to close the mentoring gap in all five states. “Mentoring really can change lives,” said Cheri Faunce, Director of Kansas Mentors.  “The reality is that there are nearly 20,000 kids on these waiting lists in Kansas alone who would benefit greatly from having an adult, other than their parent, be a positive influence and role model in their lives. Our goal is to match every one of these kids with an adult mentor.”


“Mentoring is a cost-effective and proven intervention that not only provides a safe and positive role model for our youth, but gives individuals in our communities a way to support their young people,” Snyder said.  “I want to thank the thousands of mentors that signed up to become a mentor and also the mentoring programs that work tirelessly to serve our youth.”


Kansas Mentors, coordinator of the Coaches’ Challenge in Kansas, partners with more than 185 mentoring programs throughout the state. To view a list of programs or to sign up to become a mentor, visit the Kansas Mentors website at or call 785.368.6211.