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Educating Homeless Children and Youth

KSDE is committed to helping districts serve students who are in homeless situations. Guidance is provided to districts, families, and communities who are in need of information regarding students who may be in homeless situations.

District Homeless Liaison Contacts 2013-2014 (updated 1/30/2014) (PDF)
Current McKinney-Vento Programs in Kansas (PDF)
Self-Assessment Guide (PDF)
Kansas Laws and Regulations (PDF)
Homeless Fact Sheet 2014-2015 (PDF)
Title I Homeless Set Asides - Use of Funds Fact Sheet (PDF)
McKinney-Vento Grantee - Use of Funds Fact Sheet (PDF)

McKinney-Vento: Law, Guidance, and Related Legislation (National Center for Homeless Education)

Kansas State Homeless Plan (2002) (PDF)
McKinney-Vento Enrollment Guidelines (PDF)
USDA Memo (July 19, 2004) Categorical Eligibility of Homeless Children and Youth (PDF)
USDA Memo SP3 (July 7, 2004) Eligibility for Free Meals (PDF)

Dispute Resolution Process:
Dispute Resolution Process (PDF)

McKinney Vento Homeless Education (Podcast - 38 min.)
PowerPoint for MV Podcast (PDF)
Unaccompanied Youth November 2010 (Podcast - 13 min.)
PowerPoint for Unaccompanied Youth Podcast (PDF)
Transporting Homeless Children November 2010 (Podcast - 13 min.)
PowerPoint for Transporting Homeless Children Podcast (PDF)

National Coalition for the Homeless (external site)
NCHE Publications and Products (external site)
Local Education Agency (LEA) Liaison Toolkit (external site)
McKinny-Vento Issue Briefs (external site)
Training Resources and Videos (external site)
NAEHCY National Association of the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (external site)
National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (external site)
Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition (external site)

Youth Poster - English (PDF)
Youth Poster - Spanish (PDF)
Parent Poster - English (PDF)
Parent Poster - Spanish (PDF)
McKinney-Vento Mortgage Poster (PDF)
McKinney-Vento FAFSA Poster (PDF)

Kansas EHCY Data Brief (PDF)
2006-2007 Kansas EHCY Data (PDF)
2007-2008 Kansas EHCY Data (PDF)
2008-2009 Kansas EHCY Data (PDF)
2009-2010 Kansas EHCY Data (PDF)
2010-2011 Kansas EHCY Data (PDF)
2011-2012 Kansas EHCY Data (PDF)
2012-2013 Kansas EHCY Data (PDF)

Educating Homeless Children/Youth
Education Program Consultant

Tate Toedman

Food and Nutrition MV Form (Word)
Residency Questionnaire #1 (Word)
Residency Questionnaire #2 (Word)
Sample Family/Parent Survey (Word)
Sample MV Needs Assessment (Word)
Sample MV Provider Survey (Word)
Sample MV Staff Survey (Word)

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Main Team Page
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Kansas Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) (external link)
Kansas’ Technical Assistance System Network (TASN) (external link)

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